“Our Voices, Our Waterfront” is a series about enduring inspirations, life lessons, and perspectives from the personal experiences of people who have lived and worked on Tacoma’s waterfront.

The series is written by Sharon Babcock, a local writer, project manager, coach, and former executive director of the Tacoma Pierce County American Leadership Forum.

April 2016 (Su Dowie)

March 2016 (Brad Carpenter)

February 2016 (Theresa Pan Hosley)

January 2016 (Jessica Knickerbocker)

December 2015 (Kurt Fremont)

November 2015 (Eric De Place)

October 2015 (Joel Baker)

September 2015 (Steve Wells)

August 2015 (Shannon Shea)

July 2015 (Bonnie Becker)

June 2015 (Jason Jordan)

May 2015 (Jan Adams)

April 2015 (Sonie Hansen)

March 2015 (Clare Petrich)

February 2015 (Jim Harnish)

January 2015 (Karen Pickett)

December 2014 (Michael Sullivan)

November 2014 (John Trueman)

October 2014 (Hannah Ayoyagi)

September 2014 (Paul Peterson)

August 2014 (Loren Cohen)

July 2014 (Robert Thoms)

June 2014 (John Parrott-2)

May 2014 (Chad Wright)

April 2014 (Candy Nigretto)

March 2014 (Beyond Urban Branding)

February 2014 (Jim Quinn)

January 2014 (David Caylor)

December 2013 (Joan Rutherford)

November 2013 (Tarin Todd)

October 2013 (Craig Perry)

September 2013 (Kathy Manke)

August 2013 (Voski Sprague)

July 2013 (Tom Rogers)

June 2013 (Stan Selden)